Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's a Grand Illusion Mystery!

It's time for Bonnie Hunter's annual winter mystery quilt.  This year's quilt is called Grand Illusion.  

Tomorrow (Friday, November 28) she will start revealing clues, and I can't wait! 

Last month she gave us color ideas so that we could start selecting fabrics from our stash.  She told us which Valspar paint cards to get from Lowe's.  Shortly afterwards, my Quilt Guild took a bus trip to several quilt shops in Western Kentucky.  

Here are my friends and I, with our paint cards in hand, choosing fabrics.  Both of them fell in love with the yellow I chose, so they were waiting to have some cut for themselves, too!

You, too, can join in on the mystery quilt.  It's free, and anybody and join in on the fun.  You can find more about the mystery here.  

Happy Quilting!  


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  

I am baking Pumpkin Gobs (click on Recipes and you will find the recipe there), and Corn Pudding to take to Terry's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and her family.  

Afterwards I will come home and start decorating for Christmas. That means I will be taking down all of my fall themed quilts including this one. 

This is Feels like Fall designed by Joined at the Hip.  Terry machine quilted it for me.  

I have many things to be thankful for including my family, friends, and my ability to sew and be creative ( and share my love of quilting by teaching and giving).  

Have a blessed day! 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sewjo Saturday: Getting Ready for a Quilt Show

 It's another Sewjo Saturday at Kim's, and I have been sewing the last minute details for the quilts that I am entering in my Quilt Guild's Quilt Show coming up in a couple of weeks.  I will do another post about it when I have more time.

Every quilt entered in our show has to be quilted (not tied), bound, a sleeve for hanging, and a label.  My best friend, Terry, is a long-arm quilter. She has three of my quilts getting ready to be quilted.  She said it will be the last minute before I get my quilts, so she offered to sew the binding, the sleeves, and the labels on my quilts so that I will have time to hand stitch the things that I need to hand stitch.  What a great friend!

Today I sewed bindings for the three quilts.  I forgot to figure up how many yards of binding I made, but it's a lot.  I didn't want to just throw my binding into a bag and say "here ya go" especially after I took the time to press them.  I was trying to find a neater way to give them to her, and I came up with an idea that I thought I would share with you.

At first I was using my fingers, and it seemed to take forever, and the roll did not look circular.    I looked around (I don't remember having any empty toilet paper rolls around the house), so I found this:

 a small roller with masking tape for gathering threads from projects.   I decided that it needed something to wrap around the tape so the first part of my binding wouldn't stick and be hard to remove.  So I found a strip of fabric and I rolled it on to the roller over the tape like this:

I then took my piece of binding and started rolling. 

I rolled, and rolled, and rolled some more (this was for a queen size quilt 98x98).  Finally it looked like this:  

I gently pulled it off the roller (the piece of fabric really helped keep the binding from sticking to the roller.

Cute, huh?  You can pin the end so it doesn't unravel.

These would be so cute sitting in a jar on a shelf in my studio while waiting to return from Terry instead of waiting until the last minute to cut and sew them together.

I also made labels.

Terry can place the raw edges of the label along the raw edges of the quilt.  As she is sewing on the binding, it will cover the edges of the label and the quilt.  I can whip stitch the folded edge while I'm watching TV.   I first saw this technique here at Bonnie Hunter's website (scroll to the bottom of the page.)  Pat Sloan also has a technique, too, that you can find here.

Sewing bindings and labels is part of the quilting process.  It's the little things (and probably the most time consuming)  that help us finish our quilts.

This post is linked to Kim @My Go-Go Life

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sewjo Saturday

Kim is hosting another Sewjo Saturday, which is always fun.  You can go and look at the other people who have joined in and shared projects, as well.    Although it is Sunday, I wanted to share with you what I have been working on this weekend.

People who have been following my blog know that I have been busy working on the Celtic Solstice Mystery that Bonnie Hunter designed.   If you are interested in making Celtic Solstice Bonnie will be taking down the link to the PDF instructions on May 31, just so you know.

I am still working on my Birds in the Air units that I shared with you from other Sewjo Saturdays here and here.  I didn't realize I had been working on them for so long!

 I sew a little, square up a little, and sew a little, again.  Eventually I will get them all finished.  I did square up a few yesterday in between yard work and cleaning my house.

I'm getting a little tired of doing these, so I gathered up fabrics from my stash  to create the June small quilt from Count on It, a book from Art to Heart.  I love to make seasonal quilts.

It is all fused (with Heat and Bond lite) and ready to applique.  

I posted another Sewjo Saturday, but Kim was busy getting ready for quilt market.  You can see my post here, just in case you missed. it.  I made cute camping bags for my daughter.  

Do you do fun little projects in between more time consuming projects?  

Have a great weekend!  


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sewjo Saturday

It's another Sewjo Saturday at Kim's , I think.  She's busy getting ready for quilt market, but I'm posting anyway, just in case.

Last Saturday was my first time to participate in Sewjo Saturday and I met so many "new to me" quilting bloggers.  Participating in Sew alongs and linky parties is a great way to meet people in blogland.

One of the bloggers I met last weekend was Rebecca  at Our Busy Little Bunch.  I was looking through her tutorials, and while I was there, I saw this Camping-Shower Bag Tutorial.  Our youngest daughter, Julia, is traveling to Alabama to a music festival.  She is staying in a tent at a camp ground.

I don't think Julia has ever "roughed it" before.   Well, come to think of it, I never "roughed" it either because my parents had an Air Stream Travel Trailer back in the 60's and 70's.

The only "rough" part was cleaning it after we came home from traveling in Arkansas or to the lake every weekend.  Seeing that travel trailer brings back a lot of fun memories!  

There are showers at the camp ground.  When Rebecca mentioned the issues with carrying toiletries from the tent to the bathroom, I thought these bags would be cute for Julia and her friend that is going with her.  

Everything looks prettier hanging on my white picket fence with the Iris' blooming.  

There is a little pocket on the outside to carry a razor, toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste.  

The inside is large enough to hold shampoo, conditioner, and whatever else she needs to keep close by when she is in the shower.  She can use the straps to hang it if there is a hook close by.  

Rebecca suggested  using Polyurethane Laminated Fabric for the inside lining.  

The  stores around here (Hancock's and Jo Ann's)  had no idea what it was.  I used a Rip Stop water  resistant fabric that is  used to make flags.  

These bags were a perfect "rest" between making Celtic Solstice block parts.  Making something quick, easy, and cute is what I need every once in a while.


The other day I was adjusting my blog (cleaning house, so to speak), and I clicked on my Bloglovin' button.  It took me to my blog address that I lost.  I have about 157 followers on Bloglovin, so I contacted Bloglovin'  to ask how I can transfer my followers to my address.  Linda at Bloglovin' e-mailed me back.  She had  created a new account for me and she transferred all of my followers.  That's great customer service!  

So, if you would like to follow my blog using Bloglovin'  please click on the Bloglovin' button underneath my profile picture, or click on the Bloglovin' link in the comment box (I just discovered it!)

  If you don't use Bloglovin' you can sign up for my posts to be delivered in your e-mail account.  And you can follow me through Google Friend Connect.  Whatever you decide to do, I appreciate you stopping by.

Happy Quilting


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Birds In the Air Continued

Happy Sunday!

I'm still working on my Bird's in the Air blocks for my Celtic Solstice quilt that is a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  (You can click on the Celtic Solstice button on my sidebar to find the instructions.  They are free now until June 2014.) Although it's more fun to sit at the sewing machine and sew, I spent time on Saturday getting the little parts ready for chain piecing. 

I can leave these by my sewing machine and, as I'm going about my day, I can sit for a few minutes and sew.  My little seedlings that I started from seeds are calling my name to be replanted to something larger. 

Today I will sew a little, plant a little, (clean house a little).  This is my first time to have a greenhouse.  I bought it at Big Lots on sale at the end of the season last year.  There are tomatoes, sunflowers, zinnias, zucchini, and eggplants.  They are looking great! 

Happy Quilting! 


Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting My Sewjo Going

Now that I have all of my Chevron blocks finished for the Celtic Solstice Mystery of Bonnie Hunter's (you can see them here) , it gave me the excitement of trying to complete the next step:  Birds in the Air.

This block includes the left over half square triangles from Step 3:  Pinwheels.   

I made...hmm... I don't know how many I made.  All I know is that I made a lot of them.  And I found an easy way to make them by using the Magic 8 technique for making half-square triangles. Making 8 half-square triangles at one time is such a time saver, and, with this method, there are no bias edges.   You can find the tutorial  here

I showed my finished "Birds in the Air" block to my Facebook friends.  One of them asked me if I cut everything out at one time, or if I cut, sew,  and make a block;  cut,  sew, and make a block.  I always cut everything out at one time.  Cutting out at one time is such a time saver for me.  I was anxious to see if my sewing had accurate seams on the first one just to see if I needed to make any adjustments.  I would rather my units be too big rather than too little, so I did move my needle over more than what I would at a scant 1/4".  However, I made sure my needle went through the "x" in the seam between the half-square triangle and the blue wing.  Sewing it that way means that my point is perfect.  When I used my square up ruler, the block was a little bit bigger than 3 1/2", so I trimmed and now it's a perfect 3 1/2" square.   If the other 165 are perfect 3 1/2" squares I will be one happy busy little quilter!  

I hope to finish as many as I can this weekend in between working in the yard, and going to two graduation parties.  

I am linking this post to  Friday Night With Friends 

and  at Kim's Sewjo Saturday. 

Happy Quilting!  


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paper Piecing Chevrons

Happy Sunday!

I sort of got sidetracked with my Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice when I kept making the same last 20 (of 167).   Here is what a Chevron block looks like.  I pinned it to a wallhanging that is on the wall right in front of me as I sew so I wouldn't sew the yellows together instead of the whites.

 Although this one is perfect, not all of them were even though I measured twice, cut once, used a scant 1/4" seam, and pressed them.  They seemed a little "wonky", and I wasn't happy.  I probably could have squeezed and stretched them into my quilt, but I want my quilt to be straight in the end.

One of the Celtic Solstice Mystery Facebook group members posted a paper piecing method in the files  for making the Chevrons.  I printed out how many I needed, and avoided paper piecing.  To be honest, I love paper piecing and the look of perfect points.  However, it is something I have to wrap my head around many, many times before I get it right.  It is sewing backwards to me, and I'm backwards myself, so it takes me a while.  I also know that no one can be talking to me, no TV, and no music until I get it straight in my head.

I finally took the plunge this weekend and set aside time to re-teach myself how to paper piece after being inspired by Sarah at Sew What Sherlock.  Sarah is a new to me blogger that I met on Instagram.  She suggests the best tutorial/video about paper piecing is at Connecting Threads, and I agree.   You can see the video here (and, by the way,  their books are 40% off this week; free shipping if you spend $50 or more.)

This was one of my  first successes before I trimmed seams trimmed all the way around.  I did press as I went, but I also suggest trimming the seam allowances as you go.  I was too excited to stop and trim.

These were ones that the green fabric wasn't large enough, so I had to rip them out.  I definitely had to have patience for this. At first I thought about just starting over, but it would have taken more time to cut everything again.    Thanks to my favorite seam ripper from Clover.  I was able to rip the threads without ripping the paper.  

So, here they are!  All 165 (I did two of them wrong).  

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If you read my post below you can see that I have had a hard time with blogger lately.  I lost my blog for a while, and now it's back, thank goodness.  During that time, though, some things have changed between blogger and google, and to be honest, I'm a bit confused.  I did read on some blogs (from bloggers who have wordpress) that they aren't able to post on blogspot blogs because of the settings they have as far as commenters.  I changed my settings to take anonymous commenters so that people can leave comments.  I thought about taking away the word verification, but to be honest, I am hoping it will help keep the spammers away.  We will see how "anynomous" works and go from there.

Do something quilty every day!  

Busy Little Quilter


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