Friday, March 28, 2014

My Blog Was Lost, But Now It's Found

Amazing grace for sure!  I have been heartbroken about it.

Here's the short version of the story:  Go-Daddy sold my domain name; google apps pretended like they knew what was going on and said my blog was lost; the nice technician at blogger told me how to get my blog back, and now it's found!! 

Believe me when I say that is the short story!! 

I may not have been blogging, but I have been sewing. 

This is a Delectable Mountains from Quilt in a Day.  It is a UFO from 2002.  I finished it at Terry's birthday party "Sewing Weekend at the Lake". I gave it to Terry to quilt so I can enter it into our guild's quilt show this coming June.  

The kids said that I don't have any St.Patrick's  Day quilts so I grabbed my Art to Heart books and got busy.  This is one from her calendar books.  (I apologize for no links.  I'm not sure how to do links from my i-phone.)

I made this table-runner from the newest Art to Heart book.  (Excuse my table.  It is not only used for eating, 

but it's also used when the grand kids come over and color, draw, paint, do craft  projects, and decorate cookies.)

I also made a 1600 inch quilt using my collection of St. Patrick's Day prints and greens from my stash. 

It's so fun to make.  If you search "Missouri Star Quilt Company"  on you tube click on the video that says "1600 inch quilt race".  

I'm so happy that my blog is back.  I have been following along with every one, but not leaving comments because the links to my blog were crazy.  

Happy Quilting!  


Saturday, January 18, 2014


Something has happened to my blog.  I'm working to find out where it went to.  

Until I figure it out...

Keep busy quilting! 


Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Week 3

It has been a busy week of Christmas decorating, parties, and a shopping trip to Nashville to Opry Mills and to see the Opryland Hotel decorated for Christmas.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were eating lunch at Macaroni Grill.  I went over to tell him I have been a good girl and

all I want for Christmas is a Reliable iron with a generator, quilting books, and fabric.  Sounds good, right?  

I have managed to do some sewing on my Celtic Solstice every day, even if its 15 minutes here and there.  
I have not finished clue 1 or clue 2, but I did start on Clue 3.  And, with the tips from several other Celtic Solstice friends, they shared this great tutorial for making half square triangles 8 at a time.  

As soon as I discovered this, I cut out my orange and yellows 

and drew the lines on all of them so I could chain piece one side right after the other and zoom, zoom, zoom.  

will have  lots of cute little 2" unfinished half square triangles to square up. 

No more zoom, zoom, zoom at that point, but eventually  they will turn into cute little 3 1/2" pinwheels.  Squaring up to cut off the dog ears and little slivers takes time, but it's worth the effort.  


Do something quilty every day!  

Busy Little Quilter

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Monday, December 9, 2013

I Discovered a New Place in My House to Hang a Quilt

I'm squealing like a little kid with a new toy because I found a new place to hang a quilt in my home. 

Usually the "before" photos are shown first, but I'm going to show you the "after" first. 

And now the before: 

And now you understand why I'm squealing!  This new discovery has opened up a whole world of quilt hanging possibilities.

Take care! 

Busy Little Quilter

Celtic Solstice Adventure: Week 2

Bonnie posted her clue for week two bright and early Friday morning.  I haven't felt this much excitement in a while.  It makes me feel like a little kid waiting to see what Bonnie has posted. 

Friday morning, as I sat looking at the instructions and trying out a block or two, I could hear it icing outside.  I knew I was going to be  inside for the weekend, which is fine with me.  As long as the electricity stayed on, and my children made it home safe, to and from work,  that's all that mattered to me! 

By Friday afternoon it looked like this at my best friend, Terry's house, and probably my house, too, but I didn't go outside.  This is Terry's barn.  It looks so sweet with a quilt block mounted on it, and the snow all around. 

I would love to have a barn with a quilt block on it.  At least I can enjoy hers. 

This weeks units are Chevrons using the green, yellow, and neutral fabrics. 

It's that cute little block hanging off of the wall-hanging above my sewing machine that blends into my wall so I can look at it while I'm sewing it together so I won't do this: 
The yellows aren't supposed to touch
I spent all day Saturday, in between decorating for Christmas and doing laundry,  cutting out all of the squares and rectangles needed to complete the Chevron units for a King size quilt.  

I would cut for 30 minutes, and decorate for Christmas for 30 minutes.  Or I would cut for 30 minutes and clean for 30 minutes.  That way I wasn't spending all of my time decorating for Christmas or cleaning, and I could play in my sewing room, too!  I will probably do the same 30 minutes here and there when I'm drawing lines on the backs of my 966 squares with my little tool and mechanical pencil  for drawing the diagonal lines. 

I haven't finished all of my units for clue 1, but I do plan to use them as "Leaders and Enders"  as I'm working on Chevrons.  I start out sewing on two of  the triangle  units, work on about 4 Chevrons, then I finish with two more triangle units.
I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done this week here on Bonnie's blog.  All of us with blogs and/or flickr pages are linking our post to hers to share with everyone. 

 Thank you for stopping by! 
Take care! 


Busy Little Quilter

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt Adventure Begins

Every year I have great intentions of participating in one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.  And that's as far as it gets.   I decided this year would be different, and so far I have been busy getting everything prepared.

The first clue was to show us what colors she suggests  we use.  She did this by showing us paint chips and what numbers to look for when we shopped at our local Lowes.

So, off to Lowes I went to get my paint chips.  I wasn't sure if paint chips were free or not (if I wasn't buying paint), so I looked for something cheap I could buy so I wouldn't feel like a shop lifter.  I walked by several gift ideas for my husband for Christmas, but when I saw this roll of polka dot duct tape

I had to have it.  And, by the way, paint chips are free even if you aren't buying paint.  

Now that I had my paint chips I could look through my scraps to see what I had on hand.  I even opened up UFO projects that I know I'm not going to finish, and I pulled fabrics from them that could be used in the quilt.  These colors aren't colors that I would choose to make a quilt, but it surprised me how much of these colors that I have in my stash!  




Bonnie announced that the first clue would be given to us the day after Thanksgiving.  I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve excited to see what was going to be under the Christmas tree the next morning.  I tried my best not to think about it while my family and I were celebrating Thanksgiving, but it was hard!  

Early the next day the first clue was given.  Immediately, I printed off the instructions, and began cutting.  
I decided that I wanted to cut a few and sew them just to see if my cutting was correct, or my 1/4" seam, and just to see how it would look!   And, this is what I ended up with...

The wing is on the wrong side of the triangle. 

They are supposed to look like this

Not all of my white is ant fabric.  I like a little bit of whimsy in my quilts.  I think a few ants here and there on a King Size quilt won't be that noticable.  And blue Spiderman fabric will make an appearance, too!

Many other bloggers are making this quilt, too.  Bonnie is creating a Mr. Linky every Monday during the duration of the mystery quilt until the big reveal. You can check out links to other blogs here on Bonnies blog post.

I would love for you to follow me along.  And, knowing that you're following will inspire me to finish.

Take care!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Quilt Divas!!

My best friend, Terry, and I made matching wallhangings when she took me on a little quilting retreat for my birthday about 7 years ago.  

Not too long after we got back home, we went to Cracker Barrel and found these two adorable ceramic diva's in the Halloween section.  They look so cute sitting by one of my antique Singer sewing machines.  The cute littlebag hanging   from the chair was given to me by Sharon at   Daisy Cottage Quilting.  

Tonight's Halloween festivities have been cancelled by our local government due to extremely bad weather coming through about the time my grand kids were planning to come over for our annual chili dinner and Trick-Or-Treating. I would rather them be safe, so we are rescheduling it for tomorrow night.  

I hope you have a Halloween that's filled with quilting and lots of chocolate! 

I'm ready!! 

Take care!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday and A Tutorial (sort of )

It's another Scrap Basket Sunday with Kim!  Please be sure to visit her blog and click on the links to the other quilters that are showing their projects.  

My Scrap Basket Sunday includes a new project and a tutorial, sort of , on how I choose fabrics for a project.   

I love the Button-Up Wall-hangings from Joined at the Hip.  Since August is coming up soon, I should get this made!  

I looked at the pattern and it said that I needed light greens. Hmm.  I don't have too many light greens, so   I looked in my scrap buckets of greens and didn't see anything.  I remembered that I had bought a log cabin watermelon kit years ago.   I like to add fabrics from my stash to kits that I buy, but this one didn't work well (at all!)  I tend to gravitate toward the olive greens when I'm buying fabric, and the greens in this kit  didn't play well together with my stash, so it sat on a shelf for years.  It had some light greens.  Yay!    

The pattern said I needed 6 light greens.  I held them up to my fabrics in my scrap bucket of greens, and I didn't see anything that would work.  I held them up to the greens in my fabric stash, and I found two fabrics that would work (woo hoo!). 

I probably could have used two of the light greens twice, but the more the merrier!  

My plan was to use the greens and reds that I used in my watermelon wallhanging.  However, when I added the darker greens to the light greens my stomach turned.  

  The darker greens were olive and the lighter greens have more blue in them.  So, I went back to the kit and pulled out the darker greens.  

Pretty!  And to think I was going to donate this kit to my Quilt Guild's sales table at our quilt show next year.  They look great with the light greens, and the reds that I used in my watermelon wall-hanging.  I needed 6 dark greens, but every time I added a dark green, they were all too olive.  

My favorite trick is to use my color wheel.  I will be honest when I say that I'm not able to determine if a color has too much yellow, red, or blue in them.  Some fabrics I can tell right away, but others not so much. Using the color wheel helps me "see".  I held it up to all of the greens in my scrap bucket of greens.    

I would have never chosen this piece had I not seen it for myself that it is in the same color family as the greens in the kit.  

I wouldn't have added this Thimbleberry print, either, 

but it looks perfect!  

I probably could have used the same greens more than once; it's a wall-hanging, afterall.  However, I like the challenge of trying to find things that will work.  It's the hunt, I guess, that's fun for me.  

I am happy to say that I have  finished all 80 of the bow-tie blocks that I have been sewing while sewing together the Quick and Easy Pinwheel that I showed you last week in this post.  .  Sewing every day with Pat Sloan in her Sew Every Day in July 2013 Challenge and sewing two (or more, in my case) quilts at the same time, as suggested by Bonnie Hunter in her Leaders and Enders book, has my sewing room with projects on each side of me to sew in between whatever project I am currently sewing.  

Have a great Sunday!